Wednesday, 19 December 2012

(film review) - The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

I've been thinking, how do I start this review. Well first of all, it is human nature to compare, so let me get that off my chest first and foremost. Secondly, If you haven't seen this film, you will need to actively remember that, this film is a PREQUEL to the events which happened in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and a lot of the charcaters are not in this new one, so be mindful of this. Oh and that the film is over 2hrs long. With this as "preparation", you should be able to enjoy the beauty of what Peter Jackson has put together.

Now, as you ought to know, I'm not one for spoiling a film unless everything you see in the trailer is the film in it's entirety, then I'd just explain or describe from what has been seen in it. In regards to this film, if you loved the sequel trilogy, then you oaught to like this one as it carried the same magic and story telling as the sequel trilogy.
Starting out as story telling, Bilbo Baggins (Ian Holm) talks to Frodo (Elijah Wood) about how he hasn't told him everything about all his adventures and as he begins to write, is where the story begins with a younger Bilbo (Martin Freeman)somewhat 60 years earlier with a visit by Gandelf (Ian McKellen). After a "House Party" they set off on an unexpected adventure and this is where you get to meet and understand all what is going on, on middle earth, what has happened and what needs to be done along with 13 Dwarlfs.

This is a 3 part prequel Trilogy on which tells a story in which you already know the end. Think of Star Was Episode 4-6 then bringing in episodes 1-3 and then Clone Wars. However, with that said, this prequel trilogy tells another story unmentioned, which then leads to the Sequel Trilogy.
The film is absolutely beautiful in terms of the cinematography. The story and the way it plays out is excellent, no faults there and even the action was simple and easy to follow. I actually found myself in awe when watching this film where in the sequel trililogy, there were lots of awe moments, but the sheer fact that Gandelf towers above EVERYONE and he is normal size had me thinking, 'WOW, I can't even tell if it's green screen or not'. Not to say that the previous sequel trilogy made this obvious, but with 4 half-lings & a dwarf compared to 13 Dwarlfs and a half-ling, visually, this is very obvious and I guess the natural thing would be to kind of step out of the story for a moment and think, 'this is green-screen, right? or are they really dwalfs?' Bottom line, visually, excellent. Story thus far, excellent. A few funny bits, but not overly comical. The story eased into the action and didn't take long to get going so I didn't think it got boring for me in the slightest. The intro set things up nicely for the story to take place and more of an insight to the story as to what has happened which involved a lot of action and then we are introduced into the characters.

I don't even know what else to say about this film other than, there are some real good moments, especially the moment with Gollum. The animation. I cannot fault this film at all. If i were to mention a few other things, I'd be giving you insight into what happens or some of the characters, so I won't. Just know that the characters aren't as dynamic asd the sequel trilogy characters but is a very good film none the less. Enjoy.

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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

(film review) - James Bond: Skyfall

I was born in the very early 80's which means, there were Bond films a plenty. For me, Roger Moore was THAT guy. Swarve, cunning, thought on his feet. He did't mind a fisticuff and he had gadgets galore.  No utility belt, but he had a white under water Lotus. You cannot look me square in the eye and say you never wanted one. Two, that jaws guy.

So, this film is buzzing with the critics and people are saying it's perfect or near perfect. 5 Stars. 9 out of 10. All sorts. My verdict? Well, if you grew up on Bond like myself, then there is no reason NOT to like this film.
I'll explain.

The story is that there is a villain and there is a threat. Nothing new. Bond is on a mission and things get hairier and hairer by the second. When details of MI6 agents get placed on Youtube, Bond must find the culprit and stop them by any means necessary.
I won't go into it too much as this is such a good film, you need to go and just watch it. Moreover, this film IS James Bond, from start to finish and doesn't stray. The film starts with action and ends with action and the very last scene had me thinking...YEEESSSS!!!. The film pays soo much homage to the previous bond films, I wanted more and more. When you watch the film, you will pick it apart and love it. Unlike other Bonds, IMO, this film could not be any more British. And why not? It was such a lovely touch to encapsulate England the way it did and at the same time not over do it with patroism.
The villian was brilliant as well. He was very serious, a genius, cunning and you might even route for him. His mannerisms made the film comical as well as serious. The same way Bond is or how M and him are. And M, is a pitball. Hard nosed and will do whatever it takes with a great performance from all. Even Niomie Harris' character will get you feeling a lil warm inside. Very hot or maybe I found ber hot all by myself. Kind of reminds me of another flirty sexy lass from the previous Bonds. #EasterEgg
In closing, this is old school Bond. Back against the wall, doing whatever it takes to safeguard England from threats and like what I said about Roger Moore's, Bond, cunning, swarve and will give you a dose of everything which makes Bond, Bond. Even the nudey lady bits. But you couldn't expect anything less from Mr. Shaken not Stirred.

I suggest you go see it.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

(film review) - Dredd

I am the Law!!!

Do you remember that line? I'm sure it was in the trailer for the original Judge Dredd. Delivered by the blue or was it, grey!?! I think, grey-eyed Sylvester Stallone, way back when, in 1995 just before, well, you know, when things started going a bit bleak for the actor. I mean, Demolition Man was a great film and Cliffhanger also, but other than the Rambo's and Rocky's, what else was there?

I couldn't tell you how old I was when I watched the first Judge Dredd, but I remember watching it with my mum and thinking, this film is rubbish. At that time I thought, meh. I barely knew about the comic as I had read 1 or 2 but the film was very lackluster for me. How many years later, with what I believe to be not much hype around a brand new film based on the same character, which is not a sequel, but as a reboot for possibly a new franchise, (most likely, as they would like to do a Trilogy) one would wonder, is this reboot necessary or better yet, was it all worth it? Well, I'll put it simply. This Judge Dredd movie makes the previous Judge Dredd look like My Little Pony. I'll explain.

Dredd is set in a future where the earth has been destroyed and has become a irradiated waste land known as cursed earth. Population is high and on the east coast lies Mega-City One which inhabits 800 million residents and has a crime rate of 17,000 crimes a day. In way of law enforcement "Judges" police the city by being Judge, Jury & Executioner, on the spot. On a routine shift, Joseph Dredd (Karl Urban) is tasked with evaulating a rookie Judge, Cassandra Anderson (Olivia Thirlby) in becoming a Judge and investigate a 200-story slum tower block called "Peach Trees" where a ruthless drug lord Ma-Ma (Lena Headey) dwells who is responsible for the new drug sweeping the city called 'Slo-Mo', which slows the user's perception of time to 1% of normal time. Ma-Ma traps Judge Dredd and Anderson in the block and mark them for death in which both Judge Dredd and Anderson will need to now make a desperate attempt to bring Ma-Ma down and make it out alive.

Sounds like a horror story, right? Or better yet a computer game. It kinda reminds me of the Die Hard Triogy game which came out in 1996 where you had to work your way up the Nakatomi Plaza. I digress, but I'm sure you know what I mean. 200 levels until the end boss (drug kingpin) and 199 levels of enemies. Could you imagine how much sneaking around, bullets being fired, explosions, blood and gore there would be? Yes, this is THAT film. The 3D wasn't GREATLY in your face but it was decent enough and used effectively. I didn't get that funny feeling you (or just me) sometimes get between the eyes, but visually, I have no complaints. The cinematography is top-notch and even the slow-motion bit is used heavily, but not rinsed out to where you are bored of it. It's Stylish, it's bloody and it's also what Judge Dredd needed to be. The storyline is very linear and clear cut and the actors do a very good job. Karl Urban is a great actor and he seems to have nailed the Judge Dredd character as well as he nailed "Bones" from Star Trek. The posture, the mouth, the stubble, it's all there. If you like action, this film has your name all over it. And for me, what makes the film even more enjoyable is the simplicity of the storyline as well as the accuracy. You might not get that CLASSIC Sylverster Stallone 'I am the Law' line delivered the same way as he did, but then, didn't he take off his helmet!? And if you know Judge Dredd, Joseph never removes his helmet. Enjoy

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

(film review) - Total Recall

The classic of classic films. If you grew up in the 80's you will know 1 of many things and that is, the 80's was such an era where a lot happened. In my opinion, the best cartoons, the best toys and major films which birthed action hero's. Birthed stars who are seen as OLD now, but are big Legends in the game.
From Sylvester Stallone, to Bruce Willis to Arnold Scwarzenegger, back then, "acting" wasn't THAT necessary, but put a sword, gun or harpoon into someone's hand, give them a decent story-line, one liners, some cheese and have them save the girl in the end. Add some curse words, blood, spit, a round-house kick and huge explosions and THAT was your action film. Funny thing is, the formula just doesn't get old.

As for a remake of a classic film done non-other by, one-liner hero, Arnold Scwarzenegger, I was pretty dubious about how this remake would go down.

Now, Len Wisemen is somewhat my hero. His wife is Kate Beckinsale, who I think is very hot and he is the guy responsible for the Underworld Franchise (you know, werewolves against vampires and no lovey-dovey Twilight non-sense). So, as a director, I give him that credibility as I am a fan of his work, but this film ensured me that Len is a talented guy.

The story of Total Recall is based on a short story called "We Can Remember It for You Wholesale" written by Philip K. Dick and depending on the reader and the vision, the director may have different ideas as how they want the story to go. This is most definitely the case with this film, however, a lot of things stay the same as a lot of things have changed.

A factory worker named Douglas Quaid (Colin Farrell) goes to Rekall to have implanted artificial memories of being a undercover spy. However, on going to Rekall and to undertake the process, Bob McClane (John Cho) discovers that there are already memories of an undercover spy already implanted in Quaids head which now has a SWAT team after him to kill him. After escaping the SWAT team, Quaid then goes home only to have his own wife, Lori (Kate Beckinsale), trying to also kill him as he holds top secret information in which councellor Vilos Cohaagen requires. Quaid keeps running and bumps into Melina (Jessica Biel) who advises Quaid that he is not actually Quaid and he is an Undercover Agent named Carl Hauser who has vital information in his head and he must expose Cohaagen for what he really is.

First of all, they do not go to Mars. This is not a Spoiler as you can read this information anywhere. The big major difference between this film and the 1990 film starring Swarzenegger. Other than this and major special effects with the world, setting and car chases, the film generally plays out similar to the original. Everything is more or less the same and I got to say, this is a very decent film to watch. Yes, the characters are the same, but some characters are missing while this new film still pays homage to the original. Never really been a fan of Farrell, but he did well in this film and the cinematography will keep you entertained, especially Jessica.
Go see, especially if you are a fan of the original. However, I must point out that you will need to see this film with an open mind and remember, it's only a directors interpretation of a previously written short story.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

(film review) - The Bourne Legacy

Jason Bourne is THAT GUY! You might be wondering, what type of guy is that. Well, if you have seen any of the other Bourne films, you'll understand. He is that guy who might miss every now and then when he's shooting, but always gets to his targets. He will find you. He will be in your home without you knowng unless you know how he operates. He is methodical and meticulous. Jason Bourne is an assassin with amnesia. The problem with Bourne was, he signed up for something and being the very first, there were some kinks which needed to be ironed out. With him having amnesia also meant that he was a confused soul who kept running to stay alive and kill whoever it is, with his set of skills, that got in his way from his goals. Like I said, Jason Bourne is THAT GUY!

Now, this NEW guy? He isn't exactly Jason Bourne at all. I'll explain the film.

The films starts with Aaron Cross going for what seems to be a leisurely swim as he is out in Alaska for a training assignment in which he must survive certain activities and traverse rugged terrain to arrive at a remote cabin. When the Blackbriar and Treadstone programs get publically exposed, they decided to shut down and kill all the agents that underwent the program. This means Aaron too. As Aaron takes genetically modified pills to enhance his abilities, not knowing exactly what is going on, Aaron realises that they plan to assinate him and embarks on a journey to seek Dr. Shearing to seek help, seek out the truth, stay alive and disappear.

I won't slander this film at all as it is not garbage. I will also note that there are a lot of good points to this film. The chase scenes, the fighting and the calculative thoughts and planning of Aaron Cross. The film is good and has very good moments, but ultimately, this is no Jason Bourne film and Aaron Cross is NOT Jason Bourne. Not to say that we can't have a Bourne film without Jason Bourne, but, we can't have a Jason Bourne film without, well Jason Bourne.

If this film was exercuted better with a better storyline, then yes, this film would be equivilent to the films before, but as it isn't and the way it ends, you wouldn't want to see any more after this, unless the trailer promises something a bit more grittier and a it more story driven.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

(film review) - Ted

A story about a grown man and a Teddy Bear. Ummm, yeah. I'm sure if this was pitched to you, you would be disinterested and think, what a load of codswollop.
Well, being from the creative mind of the man who brought to you, Family Guy & American Dad, I'm sure you would think otherwise.

John Bennett is a grown man living with a Teddy Bear called Ted, a live, living, moving, eating, walking and talking Teddy Bear. Having been in a long term relationship with his partner Lori, John hopes to Marry her but realises that his now dirty, vulgar and obnoxious wastrel bear may need to be kicked out and find his own place as John needs to move on.

Without going into the film too much as it is something you will be able to gather from watching the trailer that this film is stupid, silly, but funny. However, what would you expect from Seth MacFarlane. That is the general gist of things and what you will see in the movie is love, friendship and a lot of obscene things along with foul language and all you would be able to do is, shake your head in disappointment and walk out or shake your head laughing and crying at the same time.

Fans of the forementioned TV Shows will love this film. Me personally, I found it really good but it was almost like watching an up-to-date Cool World movie fused with Family Guy & American Dad and this would be the birth child. Also not being really into Family Guy or American Dad, I guess I didn't find it as funny as others. There are some shocking scenes and even a moment for tears and a lot of WTH's (What the Hell) but most of all if anything, there will be times in which your mouth will drop open, but you will enjoy it.

Have a watch, it's a good entertaining film.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

(film review) - The Dark Knight Rises

I've said this before and I will say it again, people will always compare, it's human nature. With that said, I completely understand why this film has mixed reviews.

Let's put this film into prospective. Everything about this film is Human. What I mean by that is, throughout the Nolan Trilogy, Nolan was able to bring a fantasy character in a semi fantasy universe alive in the real world to make it seem real enough to be believeable rather than fantasy. With that said, this is why you don't see a character like Clayface or Poison Ivy. I mean in a real world, how would this work? Marvel have successfully translated this in the films leading up to The Avengers, but I'm more curious as to how NOLAN will make it work. Some people already proclaim him as a God and watching his films, damn. I digress.

So, without a shadow of doubt, Heath Ledger's Joker stand's tall among all the character's in the Dark Knight Trilogy, but with the success of the second movie which virtualy paid for the world to keep spinning (I joke - The Avengers took that mantle), the third film is somewhat slightly lack-luster and less action paced.

I'll explain.

After the "Death" of Harvey Dent/2Face, Batman was blamed and took the fall while prisoners under the Harvey Dent Act were sent to Blackgate Prison for their crimes. The death of Harvey Dent held heavy on Chief Commissioner Gordon's head and this also led to the next 8 years of guilt for the chief as well as Batman retiring and Bruce Wayne becoming a recluce within his Mansion.

For whatever crimes Bane (Tom Hardy) is convicted of, he manages to escape and make his way to Gotham to basically crush it along with Batman in the process. Batman only arrives on cue as Selina Kyle/Catwoman (Anne Hathaway) appears which then triggers a series of chained events leading to Bane and Batman battling it out.

Things get a bit trying for Batman as well as Bruce Wayne which is where both Bruce & Batman are to rise, from the ashes as it were, like a phoenix and defeat the bad with good triumphaning over evil and defending the people of Gotham in the process.

You'd think this could be explained within two hours. However, this "two" hours (regular film time) is dragged out in such a way, for me personally, the extra 45mins or so actually felt like a 2 hour film until you look at the time afterwards. For me, the action was evenly paced with the drama but compared to the previous film, there was not enough explosions, fire and random anarchy/carnage in which the Joker (Heath Ledger) provided and more drama this time around. Alot more stress pain and torture in this film. Bane is a totally different character and one who, in the comics, puts Batman through his paces and out of comission by breaking his back.
In the midst of everything that is going on, young cop John Blake (Joseph Leonard Gordon-Levitt) is the only one guy who represents what Batman and Commissioner Gordon (Gary Oldman) used to stand for and the one person who actually does a lot to save the day.

For me, I took this film on it's own merit and after reading a few stories and background surrouding this film, I completely understand how the film was directed and why, so that not any one character would stand out more than the other, i.e Joker over 2face or any other chracters in The Dark Knight. Not to say that oscar winning performances are dubbed down or ruled out, but the main characters are somewhat more evenly stretched and play very good parts.

The bottom line is, this is a great film and no one should expect this film to be better than the last film. as the dynamics of the chracters involved are very different from one another. If you like Batman, you will definately enjoy.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

(film review) - The Amazing Spider-Man

All people do is, compare. I guess that is how we monitor progression and/or evolve. You start with something then you try to do better. Kinda like making improvements or beating your personal best. If you never knew the story of Spider-Man from the comics, then 10 years ago, there was a film which told you that story. (For a brief description on all the Spider-Man films seek: Pre-Amazing Spider-Man [Tobey Maguire]) In this film, the story is told but in a slightly different way.
The Amazing Spider-Man will be compared to other comic book films as well as the previous Spider-Man films. From what I have read and heard so far, the film is generally getting mixed reviews but mostly positive. However, you will need to bare in mind before watching this film, YOU CANNOT COMPARE THIS TO THE LAST COMIC BOOK/MARVEL FILM (The Avengers), as that is just not fair. Compare this to another remake such as The Dark Knight, The Incredible Hulk or Ironman 1.

From before this film came out, I understood that this film is meant to be darker than the previous Spider-Man's, but with the film being done via Disney, I kinda questioned, 'How Dark is Dark'? Kick-Ass is Dark! When I first saw it, I was in more shock than anything. The Christopher Nolan Batman's are Dark. However, this Spidey film isn't as dark.

Andrew Garfield plays Peter Parker (The Amazing Spider-Man) who is bitten by a genetically engineered Spider and becomes Spider-Man. However, as well as falling in love with a female from his school, Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone), Peter has great troubles dealing with the "loss" of his mother and father, then his uncle, not to mention trying to seek revenge, stay up-to-date with school work and have a "normal" teenage life. What makes it worse, on the streets is a man turned Lizard, Dr Curt Connors (Rhys Ifans) who is hellbent on his own personal goals.

I wouldn't say it is impossibly to spoil this film as the storyline and plot is very simple. Hero has to save the world against the threat. However, where the film thrives for me is 1, the action, 2, the acting between Peter and Stacey, 3, The way Spidey moves and most of all, the direction.
In this film, you see that Spider-Man is just a boy. I think it's more to do with the backdrop and how dark the background is, plus the directing, but this is emphasized more than ever. A boy in a suit who is almost just like everyone else. You can actually feel his struggles and pain. You feel his weight and the pressure he is buckling under. A little bit like Spider-Man 2, but Peter Parker is under a lot of pressure; tear jerking moments. The only difference I would say about this film and the previous three with Tobey is that, this should have been the Spider-Man film from day dot (day one). Chop and change a few things from the Tobey Spidey and do a little mix and swapping and you'd have a perfect Spidey film. You've kinda seen it all before, so there isn't much of a "WOW" factor but still is a good watch. For me it was simply how Spidey moves as he does much more and much more spider-like. Even elements of steath.

Visually, the film is Amazing and you do witness the great heighs Spider-Man climbs, but other than the special effects, the film is just like watching all 3 previous Spidey films with a darker setting. For me, I left the cinema thinking, "I liked that". But as there wasn't anything too amazing about it the film will only apply to Spidey Fans who will enjoy. Otherwise you could wait for the DVD and the directors cut. Don't get me wrong, i'm not sayign this film is shoddy, but I think if Nolan was on the job...

The ending is better though and most definately, there should be more spidey films like this. Providing they get more authorisation for sequels, then they will be albe to expand on Spideys huge catalog of enemies for someone so young, 20ish Spider-Man films could be done and I guess it would be much better to see more and more villains and of course, seeing him in Avengers 2 or 3 would be great! - Go Marc Webb!!!

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

(film review) - Prometheus

I'm sure, for the longest time, Director Ridley Scott said that this new film called Prometheus had nothing to do with Alien and it was merely set in the same Alien Universe. With that said and upon hearing reviews, from many people telling me this film is around about 1 out of 10 and a direct prequel to Alien. Although I needed to see this film, I definately needed to see this film now.

The film starts with this ultra ripped funny toned alien humanoid guy who is soo ripped, he could cut bread with his edges. He is by this waterfall and seemingly as if he has been left purposely, he opens this small thing which has black liquid in and drinks it, then dies. His body disintegrates leaving his DNA "seeding" the Earth. For some people, the film should have just stopped there.

So, as the film goes on, the story revolves around archaeologist couple Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) and Charlie Holloway (Logan Marshall-Green) discover a star map among several unconnected ancient cultures who interpret this as an invitation from humanity's "Engineers". These "Engineers" created Humans and is believed to have invented other species of life.

Peter Weyland, the elder founder of Weyland corporation funds a trip to an unknown distant planet's moon LV-223 to seek out the existence of these "engineers". Once on th planet, everything goes to shit.

So, without going into anything and spoiling the film, the film plays out like an old script already done. There are a lot of unexplained events and questions in which Ridley Scott has explained (noted on wiki) he will address in the sequel, if they are lucky enough to make one, but with that said...a lot of people think this is a direct prequel to Alien although Ridley said this is a stand alone film. He has also said that the film will appear more as a stand alone film in the possible sequel.

The cinematography is excellent and most of the acting was very good. I really enjoyed David (Michael Fassbender)'s character because his mannerisms and character, I found entertaining. He reminded me of a little child, always touching things, but was also very intelligent. He often found things very facinating. Other characters such as Janek (Idris Elba) and Meredith Vickers (Charlize Theron) were pretty much standard charaters but offered more character than the other actors. This is possibly due to the whole story thus far and how it wasn't great and kind of left you feeling like...OK, Ummm, But if you have seen any of the other Alien films (excluding Alien vs Predator), the film kind of leaves you off, like Meh! Entertaining but not ground breaking at all. Nowhere close to an all-rounder. Maybe, if a Trilogy is done, as a Trilogy could be deemed as a great story

Thursday, 31 May 2012

(film review) - The Dictator

I'm not sure what to make of this. I mean, I like Sacha as I do find him funny. In fact, he is very clever. Well, considering that he went to the University of Cambridge and read about history at Christs College, he manages to subtlely or sometimes blatantly highlight current issues with the world with "hidden" or not so hidden messages. I love it when he does this. However, this film?

I first caught onto his comedy when he was on the 11 O'Clock Show and he often displayed a few of his different characters, Ali G, Borat and also Bruno. There has also been a film called Ali G, a film called Borat (also reviewed here) and also a film called Bruno, but in terms of the level of homour, in my own personal opinion, Borat has always been my favourite. The film Borat to me, was the funniest of all his films. Outrageously funny, stupidly dumb/funny and generally one of if not, the best barrel of laughs I've ever had from a film. With that said, every film Sacha will do after this film will need to come harder and be much better or be exactly the same. However, Bruno, in my opinion didn't come close, although it was as funny as hell.

The Dictator is about a notorious dictator named Admiral General Hafez Aladeen (Sacha Baron Cohen), a childish, lecherous, anti-western and antisemitic despot who surrounds himself with female bodyguards, who  refuses to allow Wadiyan oil to be sold internationally and is working on developing nuclear weapons. However, after the United Nations Security Council resolves to intervene militarily, Aladeen travels to the UN Headquarters in New York City to address the council but is kidnapped so that a body double would carry out the signing of a document democratizing Wadiya. Admiral General Hafez Aladeen escapes captivity after having his beard shaved off and then, practically unrecognisable, tries his best to get back to where his unit are at a hotel to then sabotage the signing with the help of Zoey (Anna Farris) a short haired female he meets along the way and an old scientist he used to work with .

The Dictator to me was like watching Ali G, ut as this was a while ago, more close to Bruno. I don't know what it is, but in my own personal opinion and i will keep saying this, Borat was the best of Sacha's characters. Although The Dictator is NOT one of Sacha's characters, The Dictator seems to combine all of his characters combined in some sort of way (possibly the comedic value offered) but the film doesn't necessarily deliver the same or even better comedic intelligence than Borat. It is very possible that I will continue to compare his films to Borat, so some may find this film excellent, good or even have mixed reviews like myself, but I honestly don't think this film is at Borat's level, nor do I believe anyone could argue and say that this IS better than Borat.

This could well be due to the nature of the comedy and the jokes. I'm not completely slatering this film, as it is very funny in places, but that's just it. Better than Ali G but not Better than Borat, nonetheless, a good laugh.

Friday, 27 April 2012

(film review) - The Avengers

I just need to start this off first and foremost by saying, Hulk Smash.

So, the moment we have all been waiting for. A film with so much stars and warrants soo much awesomeness that has to be cradled and supported with a good or worthy enough storyline that the people, the viewers and the fans are satisfied and can't complain or want to, do, saying the storyline was rubbish but the action was great. Expendables.

I ask, who is your favourite superhero? Ok, from the Marvel Universe? Ok, ok, from these recent films building up to The Avengers?

The idea of the Avengers Initiative is to have a band of heroes protecting Earth when Earth needs them the most from a force that your favourite Superhero could not manage alone. Cue, Hulk Smash. These Heroes would need to work together and band as a team to conquer the evil so that us normal, boring, unsuperintelligent, freak accident-free and/or mutant cell-free dwellers of Earth may carry on living our lives.

This film is just great.

I'm not just saying that for the special effects, the storyline was pretty decent too. Just to recap and hopefully in chronological order.
Ironman (Robert Downey, Jr) caught the attention of Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) and mentioned the Avengers Initiative to him. Nick then went to General Thunderbolt to talk to him about the whereabouts or "release" of The Incredible Hulk (Edward Norton, but replaced by Mark Ruffalo) and then the Asgardian Demi-God Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and his mischievous brother, Loki (Tom Hiddleston) comes to earth, just to level a small town around the same time Tony Stark had to battle Whiplash. Loki then comes back with an army of beings from out of space called Chitauri's (Skrulls) in which they intend to use the Tesseract in which The Red Skull used trying to rule the world, thwarted by Captain America (Chris Evans), to rule the world. The problem is, will the Avengers work together successfully and manage to stop the enemy?
At one point the film felt like it was dragging a touch, but then I'm pretty sure every superhero has a dry spell, no?
Make sure you watch. Joss Whedon did damn well on this one. Funny, sad, even funnier, awesome and when things were looking like, resistance is futile, the film comes up on top. And I personally think you can expect a lot of things from this film, but come away from it, totally satisfied and geared up for part 2.

And I end this saying, Hulk Smash!!!

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

(film review) - The Cabin In The Woods

It's Only A Gameshow, Right? Well, we should start looking into "Gameshows" a bit more, judging by this one. We aren't told much about this film other than the fact that these teenagers go to a cabin in the woods for a little break. However, for some reason these kids are dying and it all seems to be a little big brother-ish with them being the "puppets" and these cosy other people who are watching them being the puppeteers.

Chris Helmsworth from Home and Away or who you might remember him, donning a rich red cape (no not superman) as Thor, is one of the lead characters in this film. I'd rather not go into it too much because, although you might think of Jason Voorhees and Camp Crystal Lake, this film is nothing like this at all. Other than the hack and slash elements to it. Oh, and the woods. Oh, and the lake. But I'd strongly recommend to watch the trailer to get an idea as I don't want to give it away, but there are strange things afoot with this film and not everything is what it seems, especially with the little twist at the end. This film is very different and for me, has a sort of Wes Craveny feel to it. Shocking, horrific, terrifying, but also manages to sneak in very humourous and witty parts into it. I might be getting old, but I spent quite a bit of time covering my mouth. Not yawning, but due to shock. Other times, I was laughing. Make sure you go to see this as I left the cinema thinking, "That was a really good film - very different".

Unless you don't like ...Gosh, I almost did a spoiler. Ok, lets just say, this film may scare/scar you. Watch in very safe hands to hold and huge shoulders to cry your eyes out in.

(film review) - Battleship

Considering this was or meant to have been based on a board/electronic game in which one person tried to guess and blow up their opponents Battleship by guessing where their ship(s) are, this film actually DID pull it off. Plus although Rihanna wasn't much use (It could have been anyone - she did well) her acting wasn't too shabby. Would need to see more from her and she DID make me laugh a few times, but was Officer Riggs, Riggs? or Riggs Rihanna!?!

Anyway, you have the premise. You are trying to blow up a ship. Well, not you, hopefully, but the aim is to blow up the other ships, in this film. Centered around up and coming star straight from John Carter and most might know him from X-Men Origins: Wolverine playing the role of Gambit, Lt. Alex Hopper (Taylor Kitsch) is first seen as a complete idiot going out of his way in order to either 1, get a girls number or 2. sleep with her. What he does, is beyond amusing and doesn't surprise me, however, during the film at some point, Liam Neeson says to him, "you have soo much potential". I did chuckle as I couldn't see it thus far into the film. Without spoiling too much about the film, I suggest you watch the trailer. Not everything from the film is in the trailer, but at least you'll know what to expect.

As for the storyline, it wasn't that far fetched. Man are always trying to do "silly" things, like trying to search the realms of space for life which isn't from the planet they dwell and when confronted, act really shocked and bamboozled that on the off chance they spent millions of citizens money to send signals into space in hope for life, life actually says "hello" and they get upset. I really don't know. But the film was a very good watch and I have to say, it was different, well, sort of. They used water and lots of it. Unlike the very very terrible, Skyline & the not so bad but rental with a pizza and a beer Battle: Los Angeles.

I suggest if you haven't seen it, have a watch, it's not that bad. Plus Rihanna makes you laugh as well as keeping her hat on the whole time. There are also some other funny parts and it also just goes to show, you can do some crazy stuff for a woman and she will love you for it. The Dangerous, the better.

Friday, 10 February 2012

(film review) - Safe House

You can't actually say to a stranger, friend or family member that you dislike Denzil Washington. You'd probably get slapped. I mean what is there not to like? Dude chooses his rolls well and you can't say he doesn't. Not only does he have good roles, he is a phenomenal actor. I can think of a few films and everybody remembers Training Day. Damn, didn't he get an Oscar for that? I've got 'The Hurricane' at home and that's a good film and so is the 'The Manchurian Candidate' and 'The Book of Eli', 'Man on Fire', 'Deja Vu', 'Inside Man', the list honestly just goes on and on.

Now as usual as I don't do spoilers, I'm not going to give the film away. But as I remember from the trailers, Tobin Frost (Denzil Washington) is on the run and is brought to a Safe House under the care of Matt Weston (Ryan Reynolds), but as soon as he is transferred, things start going haywire and not only does Tobin try to escape his "captors" and keep himself alive, it is a battle of mind games between Tobin & Matt and who can and can not be trusted especially in their line of work.

This film is a great watch. I'm not saying this because I'm a fan of Denzil, I think he's ok. Yeah I said it, JUST OK! But It was great to see Robert Patrick in there (you know, Liquid Metal Man from Terminator 2) and the action was very consistent. There were no dead moments where you kind of thought, "sigh, why hasn't this film finished yet or c'mon, i wanan see some action". But like most Denzil films, or possibly of more recent times, there are some twists and turns. Denzil does play a good Villian.

Have a watch, I'm sure you will like it.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

(film review) - Underworld: Awakening

First and foremost. Kate Beckingsale in a Catsuit. MEOW MEOW!!! I'm not sure who I'd like more out of Zoe Saldana in a Catsuit (Colombiana) and Kate, as I've seen Kate in 3 films now donning her Catsuit, but I think they should have a competition. #The End

Anyway, back to the subject at hand. I spent a few evenings watching Underworld, Underworld: Evolution & Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. I should have really thought about it and watched it chronologically, but I just didn't. Nothing lost. But to summarise the story so far.

A Immortal named Alexander Corvinus had three sons. One bitten by bat (Markus) making him the first Vampire, one bitten by wolf (William) making him the first Werewolf and another who lives a normal life bite-free and gave rise to a line of descendants including Michael Corvin who is later to become a Lycan-Vampire Hybrid.
Before that of course, William was captured by Viktor and kept away from his brother, Markus as Viktor believes William to be too dangerous to roam free. With werewolves as slaves to watch over the vampires as they sleep and to work as slaves when they are awake, a werewolf gave birth to a human looking werewolf named Lucian. Lucian was the first of the Werewolves (Lycans) who could change into wolf form and revert back to human form at will.
Viktor raised Lucian, breeding a new species of Lycans. Lucian eventually fell in love with Viktor's daughter and got her pregnant. In fear of the mixing of species, Viktor had his daughter killed in which Lucian got the other Lycans together to overthrow the Vampires and escape captivity. Years, later, Lucian is known as being killed in battle with a Vampire called Kraven who made a deal with Lucian to go into hidding so that the Vampire elders would die and end the war between the species. However, Selene (Kate Beckingsale) discovers that the Lycan's are following Michael Corvin for some reason, to find out later that he is a direct descendant of Alexander Corvinus in which they need his blood to combine the bloodlines to create a powerful hybrid. After Michael gets bitten by Lucian (to get his blood) then by Selene (to save his life), Michael becomes the first Lycan-Vampire in which they overthrow Vicktor, accidentally wake up Markus the first Vampire who is also, a Vampire-Dominant Hybrid now, search for answers as to what Markus is looking for now that he is awake and then to try and stop Markus from freeing William who plans on ruling the world as god-like masters of a race of Hybrids.

Underworld: Awakening continues after both William & Markus are killed and both Selene and mix-breed Michael are both on the run in which they are captured, then held in a Lab. Selene is set free in which she immediately escapes and starts to look for Michael. But being in a "New world" she is confused and even more-so when she starts to see visions from what she thinks is through Michaels eyes. Selene then finds a little girl and another Vampire who supports her cause and aids her in this new battle with a new hybrid and race of Lycan's who are hell bent on trying to make a formula which makes them more powerful and immune to Silver. This also involves a Lycan which is 2-3 times the size of any normal Lycan.

Being a fan of the series, I don't really want to sound bias, but this film was a very good watch. Short, but a good watch. Entertaining and the action just didn't stop. The film rolled, there was action. When the action stopped, 5 mins later, there was action again. The film went on like this thorough the whole film. There weren't any slow bits or soppiness, just hard action from start to finish.

The film ends as if there will be more and it is likely that there will be. It would be lovely to see Miss Kate Beckingsale in her Catsuit again, but what next aye? Make sure you go see this, especially if your a fan of the series. Out Now.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

(film review) - Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

Have you seen the first Sherlock Holmes which came out a year ago starring Robert Downey, Jr & Jude Law? Did you read my review I did on the film? Sherlock Holmes? All I can say is that this film is missing a lot of things yet replacing with a whole lot more.

Before, I said Sherlock Holmes was batty with a sensitive nose and great eye for detail; nothing has changed.
In this film, Sherlock Holmes is caught in a game of mind games with his nemesis Professor Moriarty who seems to be 1 step ahead of Holmes in every single way possible and out whitting/smarting Holmes so that he can get away war profiteering. You'd think that with Sherlock Holmes being really intelligent and constantly "high" on opium, you'd think this would be impossible.

Without spoilling the film, I'd say that if you enjoyed the first film, you will definately enjoy the second as although there is no bare knuckle boxing, Robert Downey, Jr once again brings Sherlock Holmes to life and provides the batty, insane comedy in which IS Sherlock Holmes. As well as Robert BEING Ironman, he IS most definately Sherlock Holmes as he carries the character soo well and the relationship between himself and Watson are unparrelled in terms of working together. The brotherly love is there and believable and you can tell that the actors had fun doing this film.

Guy Ritchie once again injections his COOL into this film and you also get to see the pre-though calculations in which Sherlock Holmes does before he acts out a move/action. Even better, at then end of the film, showing how smart and calculative Professor Moriarty when they show his pre-thought process battling Sherlock Holmes. The Battle of Genius. Genius. Go see, it's very good. Infact, Great.