Wednesday, 24 April 2013

(film review) - Oblivion

Only through watching this film, I realise I have a degree of liking for Tom Cruise. I don't love the guy or love his films, but I do enjoy them. I sat down in the cinema watching this film while the person next to me was whining about how I'm never picking a film again and how they can't stand Tom Cruise, I on the other hand thought it was bizzarre. I mean, I've said it before, Tom Cruise in a film is, well, Tom Cruise. Kind of like how Jason Statham is Jason Statham and some actors don't necessarily totally embody themselves into a character and make that character their own. You could say that about a lot of actors and maybe say, this is bad acting. But when I got hom I realised, maybe it isn't bad acting, it's a method of having a living person stand out as that person rather than a character played out. So instead of seeing the characters played by Tom, you see Tom playing different characters, which is a lot different. Anyway, just something I was thinking. think about it.

However, after all of that, I'd like to say I enjoyed the film. Why? because it's a Tom cruise film and they are always entertaining and you not what to expect. Action, some romance and a little cheese here and there. Two, I found the story really good. I'll explain.

Jack Reacher is a...sorry, Jack Harper is a technician of unit Tech 49 who, along with his partner Victoria (Andrea Riseborough) are the clean up crew of a desecrated earth in the year 2077, 50 years after aliens partly destroyed the moon which in turn destroys most of planet Earth. They are assigned to maintain patrol of the planet or area, ensuring all drones are operational and the resources extracting machines used for gathering earth resources are fully operational so all contents can be transported to the human colony situated on Saturns largest moon, Titan. Scavengers or Scavs for short are beings who dwell on earth who make monitoring of drones and the resource extraction machines difficult to take care of.

With only two weeks until Jack and Victoria head back to the colony situated on Saturns largest moon, an alien craft crash lands and when Jack investigates the crash, he finds the female of his dreams, literally. From this point, Jack starts to question his memories as well as his actions and who he works for.

Without spoiling the film, I could only say that this film is a combination of other great films before it. I won't mention them as this will reveal spoilers, but the beauty of the story told, visually is great. At one point, it reminded me of a Halo game. Visually impressive. The weapons, the tech and even the earth. The ruins of planet Earth after Tsunami's, Earthquakes and a Nuke, looks absolutely beautiful. Ice, desert sand dirt and waterfalls and lake make for impressive imagery. Even the Chopper/Jet Jack flies which has an inbuilt bike, yes.....a in built bike you can just pull out and ride away on are amazing. The building they live in and the....EVERYTHING. It's like living in a Apple computer. Sleek and shiney everything. But above all the visuals, if should you be really interested in the story or Tom Cruise being, well....Tom Cruise, I would say stick it out to the end as, maybe it's me...but I didn't expect the story to pan out the way it did. Nice, clever and visually stunning, but from the director of Tron: Legacy, what would you expect? Kind of like Poetry accompanied with a oil painting.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

(film reviews) - Olympus Has Fallen

I read someone before that Olympus Has Fallen is this years Die Hard. Now for those who don't know me, I'm a fan of Bruce Willis. I LOVE DIE HARD MOVIES!!! And for those who know me would understand the puzzled/confused face I pulled. So, I'm sure you could understand that a comment like that would be Blaspheming on the whole Die Hard Movie Franchise especially as a Die Hard movie came out THIS YEAR!!!

(See Review Here: A Good Day To Die Hard)

But the comment was, well, not THAT far from the truth. I still dislike the comment, but after seeing this film after AGDTDH enable me to criticise where necessary.

First of all, the film starts Gerald Butler who I feel is a very decent actor. I do like him and ever since I saw him in 300, I thought, he is THAT guy. Going on to Law Abiding Citizen, he solidified that feeling. He plays a former US Army Ranger Mike Banning, who is the lead Secret Service Agent assigned to head the Presidential Detail for the President of the United States of America, Benjamin Asher (Aaron Eckhart). However, due to a road accident costing the life of the First Lady, Margaret Asher (Ashley Judd) where Mike saves the president instead of her, for obvious reasons, Mike is then demoted as he triggers Ashley's memories of the accident and works in the Treasury Department, within eyeshot of White House.

On the day the South Korean Prime Minister Lee Tae-Woo (Keong Sim) attends a meeting at the White House, the White House becomes under attack by Guerilla Forces, overwhelm the White House and take it over. As this is happening, Mike sees this and makes his way towards the White House and enters through the front door. Yes, he enters through the front door.

Now there isn't really anything more to say as I'm sure you are aware by now that the white house is full of goons and Mike has to save the president and stop whatever the terrorist aim to carry out. It kind of reminds me of a game in the late 80's early 90's when your character enters a building and has to clear out all the goons running and gunning, jumping vertically of course. So with that said, you already know the outcome. Predictable, yet still entertaining.
The brutality in this film I feel, separates from the Die Hard movie franchise. It's kind of hard to say, but the Die Hard movies have lots of blood, grisly deaths, bullets, more bullets, explosions, more explosions and a guy in a white vest managing to take out hordes of goons in a white vest and escaping all manor of death situations. This film on the other hand is very similar, but lacks the creativity, the death escapes and the white vest. Not to say that this is a rubbish film, it's really good, but I guess we have seen all these before, right?
Mike is a no nonsense former US Army Ranger. He gets things done with precision. Very smart, understands the minds of terrorists and is somewhat disconnected with reality. However, with this said, he knows he is able to fulfil his duties as an ex Secret Service Agent and get the job done, so he proceeds.

Anyway, I'll draw this review to an end now. The direction, cinematography and story was all excellent. Even better as the film seems more relatable right now in this current climate, but I can't help but think that maybe something else could have happened to kind of make this film slightly different in delivery. Maybe I'm starting to get bored of these types of films and actually want the bad guys to win or pull off their schemes. I mean, at least we could have some crazy sequel where everything is desecrated with little odds but still triumph. Maybe this is what the world is missing in film, Terrorist who actually win in the end, but in the long run, get trampled on. Not that I will always cheer for terrorists, but if they actually won or carried out part/most of their plan, at least as an audience we would have expected it. Other than Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith with the bitter/sweet end, what other film has this kind of outcome. Anyway, watch this film and enjoy it for what it is. Superb acting from Morgan Freeman and Angela Bassett by the way.