Friday, 20 June 2014

(film review) - Edge of Tomorrow

First and foremost, before I get into anything. Whether or not you like Tom Cruise, if you put him aside or don't even factor him in as the star, then you should love this film. I say this because I know some people who don't like him too much and I think he is cool. Maybe I am somewhat a fan and possibly, slightly bias but his films haven't all been poor to me.
I've said before that, whenever he does a film, I do not see him as the character, only Tom Cruise in a different role, but with that said, even if it is just another Tom Cruise movie, this one is good.
I'd also like to say that the marketing for this film is very poor. It is very confusing and as it seems like it is a futuristic film like Oblivion, some people actually thought this film was a sequel to that movie. No, it isn't, but I totally understand why you would think that. And I will tell you this for free. Although I liked Oblivion, it had a cool concept and the landscapes and scenery and special effects were all great, THIS film knocks that film out of the park. Let's get involved.

Major William Cage (Tom Cruise) is a member of the NATO-led United Defence Force who is summoned to London to have a meeting with General Bringham (Brendan Gleeson). When the General orders cage to cover combat for the war, things take a unexpected wrong turn in the meeting for Cage who is subsequently knocked out and wakes up at an Army Base. Not knowing where he is, disorientated and completely unaware of what is happening, Cage is enlisted by Master Sergeant Farrell (Bill Paxton) to join a bunch of reject soldiers called 'J Squad'. As the squad is used in the first wave of the attack on the beach the following day, Cage witnesses everyone dying and when he dies, he wakes up the day before the beach assault back where he started with Master Sergeant Farrell. When this happens a few times, Cage eventually saves Sergeant Rita Vrataski (Emily Blunt) a highly decorated war hero who he explains his situation to. From this point, Cage and Vrataski embark on a quest to win the war which will involve a lot of dying and dying and dying and dying and dying.

We need to give credit where credit is due. The story is excellent. The premise is really cool but risky. However, Doug Liman did a very very very good job in directing this film adaption of a book of a slightly cooler name "All You Need Is Kill" and was able to pull this off without the film coming across long-winded, Repetitive and boring. Considering the main character has to Live, Die & Repeat, not once did I feel like I was watching something again I had already seen and the scene felt over used. I didn't feel like any scenes were unnecessary, tiresome or tedious. The editing was done in such a way, every scene, no matter how often you saw it, felt fresh.

Tom Cruise is a great actor. Sometimes it is the films he is in that don't do him any favours. Yes they are enjoyable, but some fall short in areas. This film on the other hand, the direction, the pace and the dialogue fit soo well. The acting was great and I could sympathise with Cruise's character's struggle as the film went on. The chemistry between him and Blunt was greatly handled. I always find Tom always "in bed" with the other female star. Always has to get the girl or save the girl. Although this is slightly the case in this film, you can only imagine, having to relive the same moment over and over again with a fit female, you would start to develop feelings. With that said, for me, this brought on a lot of the comedy elements to the film where, the trial and error moments, I found hilarious in places.

Another excellent film to add to my 2014's top 10 films of the year.

I suggest you watch it. There is absolutely no reason to feel disappointed.

Saturday, 14 June 2014

(film review) - 22 Jump Street

So, I remember when my boys first told me about 21 Jump Street. They both went to the cinema to watch it and said to me, well if I can remember the exact verbatim, "Bruv, you really need to see that film, it is soooooo much jokes, too funny" and I instantly thought of the trailer and was like, "ehh" and literally replied, "It just didn't look that funny or that appealing". After they reassured me, some months later I watched the movie and boy was they right. Although I'm not sure if I find it funnier than the Other Guys or maybe the comedy was more consistently laced throughout the movie, where the Other Guys to me, has sections of hilarious comedy, I still felt that 21 Jump Street was hilarious and I would indeed need to watch the sequel when it comes out.

And right off the bat, the sequel to 21 Jump Street, 22 Jump Street is totally BEYOND HILARIOUS!!!

As the film starts, it gives you a brief outline of what the first film was about with both Morton Schmidt (Jonah Hill) and Greg Jenko (Channing Tatum), then it literally pics up where the last one left off. I was not given the impression that a lot of time has passed since the last film. As I really can't be bothered to type a lot about this film and tell you bits and pieces because, 1, it is a comedy and I can potentially spoil the gags/sketches and 2, I don't want to give away the story for spoilers sake, I Just want you to know that, they have upgraded to 22 Jump Street, they have another assignment and the comedic levels have sky rocketed to more silliness, more insane stuff and just much more laughs guaranteed.

Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill are brilliant together. The chemistry is excellent and the comedic timing could not have been any better, this time around. The way they capture their characters are spot on. Especially as this is a sequel, nothing was left out in the gap from 21 to 22. Ice Cube as Captain Dickson was the same as before, but excellent and a slightly bigger role. If you are quick enough as me as I was possibly the ONLY person in the cinema who caught the Ice Cube reference in the film, this film is very cleverly written. From old school culture to pop culture and out of the box/4th wall references, this film is just intelligent. Very self aware of what it is and that is a well written comedy. The pacing was great and although some gags fell a little flat on me, majority of the films comedic elements were delivered very well.

My favourite bits from the movie that absolutely sold the film to me (Hopefully this isn't considered as a spoiler)...The Twins. The New Twins. The homosexual referencing. The Grenade. The Schmidt Fight. The Parents coming to school. The Police Update after the parents coming to school scene. The beach. damn, I think the list actually goes on. #Sigh.

Brilliant film. Go and Watch it.