Sunday, 19 July 2015

(film review) - Ant-Man

People make me laugh. I mean, I'm not entirely sure what it is, as I have thought about it for a little while, but I can only assume, 'popularity/familiarity'. I'll explain several experiences I have been through recently.
Upon watching the trailers, for this film, I have heard from females (might I add) "Ant-Man? Really? No, not watching that?" When I ask, "why not?" and the reply was always "Ant-Man? It sounds stupid! Ant-Man? C'mon!? And he can communicate with Ants? Nope, this sounds stupid". I cannot remember the exact verbatim, but along these lines. I usually laugh it off and encourage them to watch it but, I don't know. However, these same people may love the hell out of a Spider-Man or even Batman? Maybe it is the fact that he communicates with ants or because he can shrink in size. Anyway, I digress. But what I want you to do is, go in with an open mind.

Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) is a father who has not been doing well in his life. Incredibly smart, a great thief, but has a daughter in which he is trying to connect with, but due to his problems being out of work and incarcerated on occasion, Scott needs to change his life around. Scott crosses paths with Dr. Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) who offers him a job. Being down on his luck, Scott wants to make a difference and to be there for his daughter and takes the job, but the main objective upon taking this job requires Scott to steal something in a daring heist which will hopefully be the life/game changer he has been waiting for. Well, hopefully.
The films ongoing theme is fathers and their daughters and with that said, this film is brilliant. Exercuted very well. For those who don't know the history behind this film, it was meant to be made and released several years ago. When I say several, I mean before Ironman 1. But this film has gone through soo many writers and when Edgar Wright (known for Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz & At World's End) left the project, most people thought the project was doomed. But I guess, 'In Marvel We Trust'? They haven't really failed us THAT bad, right? But due to Ant-Man having soo many issues, Story-Arcs and history of such marvel characters have been warped and twisted to servce the cinematic purpose, ie.e around Tony 'Ironman' Stark as it was really Hank Pym who created Ultron.

Michael Douglas on screen is great. The dynamics of the characters are fairly plausible too. With how the film was shot, could not have been shot any better as the cinematography is fascinating and engaging. When Ant-Man shrinks down to the size of an ant, that is when the film really shines. Interacting with the ants could have been silly and/or cheesy, but it works really well. With the ability to shrink and grow at will, laced with comedic elements, this film is a must see. Even Michael Peña who plays Luis, who is a friend of Scott Lang and is undeniably the funniest character in this film is evidently the character who will stand out to you more than anything. Some great dialogue, themes, scenes and quite a few laughs. If you don't laugh at least twice in this film, you are absolutely dead inside.
What you see in the trailer is not all of what you see in the film. The villain does seem like he is an after thought and the plot is similar to what we have seen before, but who cares? DC Fan Boys. You ought to enjoy this film. Well, at least if the trailer does something for you...then the film will definitely do something for you. Have a watch and enjoy!

Friday, 10 July 2015

(film review) - Ted 2

So, we have a sequel to a film about a grown man and his childhood talking teddy bear named Ted. Sometimes I wonder, how people think of these things. Then I wonder, "Ok, fine. So the movie did well, so why a sequel? I'm sure that isn't going to work the second time around." Well, let me tell you.

We are 6 months since the previous outing and not a damn thing has changed, well, really.  Ted (Seth MacFarlane) is living with his girlfriend and John (Mark Wahlberg) is living a lonely life without Lori. However, as Teddy is having issues with his wife, Tami-Lynn (Jessica Barth), he decides to marry her and have a baby. The only one problem, Ted isn't considered real or better yet, he is not considered a real person. So, John and Ted must find a way to prove Ted can be considered a person with the help of a lawyer named Sam L. Jackson (Amanda Seyfried).

What can I say about this film other than, people will ask me if this film is better than the first one, in which I would reply, "Ummm, I think i preferred the first one more, I think i need to re-watch it". But with that said, some films are soo amazing, it doesn't matter how long since you watched the original, you know straight away which one was better. In that case, I'd say, "no".
Remember when you watched the first Hangover film, everything happened organically. Then you watched the second film and then thought, WTF!? To be honest, this second instalment in the Ted franchise is good, I had some good laughs, but for me, just like The Hangover Part 2, just doesn't quite hit the mark like the first one did.

Sometimes, some films should just be a one-and-done but, they wanted to make a sequel as the first one did soo well. Doesn't mean you should follow through with a sequel. Although this sounds bad, I did fully enjoy the film and the comedy and even some of the running gags throughout the film. Just like the first one, stupid, silly, but funny. However, I simply can't state that this film is better than the first film, though you might disagree with me. It's likely you'll enjoy it, but, that's just it for me. It's kind of a seen this, done that feel. Mark is funny and so are the supporting actors, you gotta love Morgan Freeman, but other than that, that is it. Maybe it's my sense of humour or how I feel with Seth MacFarlane and his characters and stories. Sometimes I feel he is reaching for a laugh. A bit hit and miss with me. There was a google gag that ran on for too long and the most funniest moment in the film for me was Marks computer folder, other than that, meh! Definitely go and see it though, if you like the previous Ted and/or you like MacFarlane and his work.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

(film review) - Knock Knock

First of all, I do not open my door to anyone. Police, Jehovah's Witness, door-to-door sales (wo) men, Bailiffs, Aunt's, Uncle's, Stray Cats, ANYONE! If I'm not expecting you or you do not call before you arrive, do not expect to gain an answer or entry. With that said, had Keanu Reeves' s character ADOPTED one of my core principles, we would not have a film. So, onwards and upwards aye.

Evan Webber (Keanu Reeves) as an architect living happily with his wife and two children. With Both adults being the artistic type, Keanu requires some personal space so he can focus on a project he needs to complete and has the house to himself on Father's Day weekend. His wife Karen (Ignacia Allamand) is awaiting a delivery of a project she is working on but she takes the kids away on a family - planned beach trip whilst Evan can focus over the weekend. Once she is gone, That Night, the door knocks (Knock Knock) during heavy rain and two females was drenched at the door looking for help and assistance. Not wanting to leave them out in the pouring rain, Evan lets them in with the assist, but things go from pleasant to bad, to uncontrollable and worst as a sinister agenda agenda unfolds.

Seeing the credits roll and then reading the name Eli Roth, made this movie make a whole lot more sense. Not that it confusing but what Eli has a twisted sense of humor. Considering this film is a thriller, it does not take much to understand the debacle. Plus it is somewhat erotic.

Keanu to me was brilliant in this role. Somewhat different to what we have seen him in recent years of, he is a wooden actor, but he felt more fluid and relaxed in this film. I felt this way watching 'The Man of Tai Chi'. Brilliantly written, with not much of a plot or plot twist; this film does Exactly what it says on the tin. On a lonely night a man opens his door to two strangers and madness ensues. Keanu Seemed as though he what having fun and enjoyed making this film.

I loved the dialogue as it was very clever and smart. A lot of the scenes were simply crazy and I found the movie somewhat clever. Some really jaw dropping moments.

Watch it. Very funny, clever, frightening and somewhat disturbing but more comical than terrifying.